Friday, 15 October 2010

Nottingham Beer Festival - Advance Party

I was sent to work in Nottingham on Thursday 14 October so I felt compelled to pop in to the festival.

It is bigger and better than before.

Standout beer for me was my last one, Thornbridge Murmansk Baltic Porter.

It had a rich rounded fortified wine smoothness (it is 7.4%) with chocolate and a dark roasted coffee underneath.

Worth going to a festival for.

Did you hear?

Apparently Bonnie Tyler is recording a new song in my honour. It's called Lost In Ghent...

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Good Beer Guide Belgium

I now have a copy of The Good Beer Guide Belgium, lent to me by Mark Edwards who some of you will know.

It has sections on breweries, beers, bars and cafes so we will know some places to go and some local brews to look out for in Antwerpen.

I will be reading over the weekend in preparation.

Anyone who wishes to browse it on the train next Saturday is welcome to do so.