Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Ale

So, it's Christmas Eve and time (at last) to crack open the Christmas ale!

On opening the Groslsh-style bottle top (something in itself very satisfying) I am greeted with a sweet candy floss aroma which takes me back to my childhood, of hanging around the fairground rides - what a start!

The first sip has an unexpected hint of roasted coffee but a taste that isn't experienced again at any point thereafter. What follows is a very rounded, smooth caramel/toffee flavour that stays throughout the rest of the glass (think bonfire toffee here).

Further on I am greeted with a very pleasant marsh mallow taste but a marsh mallow covered in caramel or treacle - very smooth and delightful. There's even a slight hint of a very expensive chocolate in there too.

If I could choose my favourite style of beer, this wouldn't be far off perfection. Not too sweet to be sickly and not too bitter or insipid. The character stays throughout and has me chuckling with joy as I approach the end of the bottle!

Time to open another, me thinks! A very well done to Head Brewer John and those that assisted in this brew - a very fine job indeed!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Some Antwerp photos

They can’t even spell Antwerp properly!

Some old building or other


John posing

Now, I’m sure there’s an interesting fact I can tell you about this spot…”

The cellar bar

Lunch time

Is the pub this way?

No idea what they were looking at here!

"I swear, they were this big"