Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Symposium 13/11/21

I can’t get the old symposium notes to publish so here are the latest ones as a post.

1. Attendance 

John Daniel, John Dzelme, Louise Dzelme,  Mark Galloway, Bharat Mistry, Phil Pawley, Chris Willars, Paul Wood.


Paul Browne, Fran Tiplady.

2. Beer 

Beer was a 5.5% ABV Wheat Porter. It was really smooth with a sweetness & pronounced chocolate notes. 

3. Money

Balance £73.97.

We bought a new tap for our keg. 

4. Location of Next Symposium 

The next symposium would be held at JD’s house.

5. The Next Beer

The next brew will be chosen by JD & will be a Belgian blonde. 

6. Date of Next Symposium

The next symposium will be held on 19/02/2022.

Brewing will take place on 08/01/2022 at Chris’s.

7. AOB 

Most of 2020 & half of 2021 was cancelled. First brew since 7 March 2020.

Walk 29/10/21 was from Great Glen to market Harborough. Chris had a footwear failure at the start but rejoined at Harborough. 

A weekend in Chester in March. 12-14 March?

Christmas get together. Details tba. 17/12/21.

Walk 14/01/22. 

Tried first sample of our Xmas beer (7.2% ABV chocolate orange spiced beer) & John Dzelme’s blackberry wheat beer. 


Monday, 22 June 2020

Christmas Beer

I spent yesterday bottling our Christmas beer. It’s an 8.7% Bourbon vanilla porter. At least I think it’s 8.7%, it was 8% before I chucked half a bottle of Jim Beam into it. It is pretty good even before it comes into condition.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

BAD Brew Day

Brewing has commenced. A wildly inaccurate version of Stay Puft. 

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Christmas in July

First test of the Xmas beer. It’s not as lively as I would like (it’s still got 5 months) it but it’s rich, very alcoholic & full of the flavours of liquorice, aniseed & sweet spices. 

Brew Day

Brew day. A stupidly overhopped IPA using only Citra. It could be great or a disaster. Only time will tell. 

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Saturday, 25 August 2018