Monday, 23 May 2022

Symposium 14/05/22

1. Attendance 

John Daniel, John Dzelme, Louise Dzelme,  Mark Galloway, Bharat Mistry, Phil Pawley, Chris Willars, Paul Wood.


Paul Browne.

2. Beer 

Beer was based on a St Austell Proper Job at 6.0% ABV. An IPA with sweet malt start & a resinous hop hit on the finish. 

3. Money

Balance £74.13. We may need to put in more next time. Consider a refractometer. 

4. Location of Next Symposium 

The next symposium would be held at Phil’s house.

5. The Next Beer

The next brew will be chosen by Phil. 

6. Date of Next Symposium

The next symposium will be held on 13 or 20/08/2022. Hopefully 13th

Brewing will take place on 25/06/2022 at Phil’s.

7. AOB 

The weekend in Chester in March was a great success.

Cider symposium happened. The cider was vaguely drinkable. 

Dzelme barbecue is 02/07/22.

Trip to Porto proposed for September. It would be focused on port rather than beer. We will discuss dates when football fixtures are out. 

Apple pressing will be 24 or 25 September 2022. 

Fran will be back in the group. 

Walk to Coalville & Ashby or Bingham area on 29/07/22.

Agreed to scrap the money for food from next symposium. 

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