Sunday, 20 February 2022

Symposium 19/02/22

SYMPOSIUM 19/02/22

1. Attendance 

John Daniel, John Dzelme, Louise Dzelme,  Mark Galloway, Bharat Mistry, Phil Pawley, Chris Willars, Paul Wood.


Paul Browne.

Fran Tiplady has retired from BAD. 

2. Beer 

Beer was a 6.5% ABV Belgian Blonde. A cloudy, sweetish, vaguely Belgian beer. Far too easy drinking. 

3. Money

Balance £61.89. We may need to put in more next time. Consider a refractometer. 

4. Location of Next Symposium 

The next symposium would be held at Bharat’s house.

5. The Next Beer

The next brew will be chosen by Bharat & will be a St Austell Proper Job clone. 

6. Date of Next Symposium

The next symposium will be held on 14/05/2022.

Brewing will take place on 02/04/2022 at Bharat’s.

7. AOB 

We met at Christmas for a drink in Two Tailed Lion.

A weekend in Chester is arranged for March. 12-14 March 2022. £55pp for accommodation. 

A walk took place on 14/01/22 from East Midlands Parkway to Castle Donnington. No one had catastrophic equipment failure this time. 

Chris is going to indie Beer Feast in Sheffield on 05/03/22 and Nottingham Craft Beer Festival on 18/06/22. He invited the BAD group to join him.

16/04/22 is the Phil Hoskins Memorial Day at the Ale Wagon. 

Dzelme barbecue is likely to be 02/07/22.

Trip to Porto proposed for September. It would be focused on port rather than beer.  

Investigating a Cluedo mansion weekend. 

Walk would be on 08/04/22.

Cider symposium 23/04/22 at Chris's. 


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